Radica Quackenbos was born in communist Yugoslavia and came to the United States as a young woman. She came to know God at the age of fourty-three. She and her husband, Tim, travel the world as part of their ministry


Radica as a young girl
Radica's School Pic

Book Reviews

The emotional power of the author’s life story grows with each paragraph.  She writes in a simple, understated way that serves to make the humble and often desperate circumstances of her life even more moving for the reader to encounter.  She tells of the simple joys and the grinding drudgery of her days, with honesty and openness.
Many, if not most, of her readers, will be unfamiliar with the details of life in Yugoslavia.  She provides just enough background about the ins and outs of daily life in that country at that time.  This helps readers plant their feet in her world and begin to identify with her struggles.  The sample did not contain much dialogue, but that did not come off as a weakness.  This is due to the author’s powers of description

Radica and the farmhouse
Radica and the house she grew up in
Radica and the elderly couple that took care of her

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