Tim has made another trip to Haiti in January to check on our Churches there, and things are good, especially since the earthquake of 2010. We are going back to Haiti January 2014 with a group of mission minded believers to have a few revivals. Our outside revivals usually end up with about 400 saved each time we do one.

Timothy and Radica will be leaving for Serbia March 26th 2013 and will be there until at least Dec. 2013

The door of ministry is wide open now and we must go into the door God has opened while it is ripe for harvest. We have started a church there last year and will be training more leaders while there this year. 

Timothy-Radica Quackenbos Sr. and see what God is doing weekly while in Serbia.

Our E-mail is tqc3720@yahoo.com

To support this ministry donations can be made at any
Wells Fargo Bank account info;
T. Quackenbos Crusades Inc.
acc# 2000018944729



Born to unmarried teenagers in what was then communist Yugoslavia, Radica Quackenbos was unwanted and unloved from the start. As an infant, she was left in the care of her alcoholic father. In the years that followed, Radica was sent to live on her mother's farm, where she was forced to forage for herself and sleep with the animals in the barn. Dirty and ragged, she bean stealing food and clothing, all the while wishing only to be loved.

As a teenager, Radica was raped, lived with a man whose alcoholism and neglect echoed her father's. She had a baby girl and moved to Florida for an arranged marriage. Badly abused, she had had four more children by the time her husband left her for another woman. With five dollars in her pocket and limited English skills, she had nowhere to live and no way to support herself and her children. Where does a woman in those circumstances find God, and why should she believe in his grace? Yet God did reveal himself to Radica and assure her he had been with her every step of the way, even before she believed in him. She learned that God wanted her to forgive everyone who had ever hurt her, even her parents. Could she do it?

In this powerful story, Radica traces her journey through heartbreaking deprivation and abuse and shows us how God can use even the most miserable conditions to create a vital ministry of hope and assurance.



What God can do for you as you read this book with an open heart will simply amaze you and radically change and transform your life. Let God touch your life today with this outstanding and amazing true testimony. It changed mine forever!It will show you what true forgiveness will do for you. It will help you to live your life with an attitude of forgiveness.   

Hey .. I want to address you with a few words. Unfortunately, I was not home when you were in my church, and I was not able to meet you face to face.
Incidentally, my grandmother brought me your book to read (though we normally do not buy books in the church, because I always worry that we might not have money tomorrow for bread, etc., but you know how it goes in Serbia). I am sure it was given to me for some special reason?
I want to thank you for your testimony and for every word you wrote, because it really changes lives, through Jesus Christ. I have no parents, actually my parents died in 2005. year, and I lived in bitterness, hatred, anger and all those feelings were overwhelming and exhausting. I could not forgive what they have left me, left me very full of anger, and also many other things that happened before their death.
Reading your book I realized just how much the man himself can have power and if you love yourself and all before the Lord, and let him really change your heart. I lived by cultivating hatred for my brother, because I could not understand his actions, drinking, etc.. I didnt know how to pray for him, because my heart was too injured and I thought that he deserves what he gets. Many things I had to maintain inside myself, fearing to tell anyone, they would not have understood the wrong. I even forgot part of their childhood simply , can not remember my great young life. I lived in great fear, because he ruled the death of my family since 2005. to August 2011, at the time I lost all of their closest relatives ...
But now I know that God really has a great plan for me, thanks to your book I began to recover from the things of the past, to forgive, and to have the name of Jesus Christ authority over evil and its ploys. I know that GOD WITH ALL I CAN.

Thank you very much. You are a wonderful woman, and happy as I have through Jesus we have another sister in my life!
A lot of God's blessings to you and your family.   Novi Sad, Serbia

As I am reading your book I am praying for deep healing and I am also rejoicing in the goodness of our Father. You have been such a blessing!!!!!
 I pray the Lord will give you favour with all you meet and continue to show you the fruit that you are bringing Him in your homeland.
With love and hugs from my mother heart of God

Thank you so much for making yourself available to come and minister to the Daughters of the King in the Balkans this year.  Your amazing testimony, was such a blessing to so many of the sisters.  Thank you also for being willing to pray for sisters, your tireless serving at the conference is so appreciated.
It was such a joy for Andrew and I to finally meet you both after all our emails back and forth.  We praise God for bringing you across our path, and we pray that He will again and again.
On behalf of myself, and my team, THANK YOU so much, we are all so encouraged by your willingness to come and bless us.
Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to use you and to bless you in every way possible.  See you in Macedonia, I will send out an email about that shortly.

We love you and we bless you

 I hope everything is going as the Lord plans. I hope you remember me the lady at Pennys
I have completed the book and oh what a beautful testimony, I will be passing it on to my
daughter and all those women who think they are not important. I  just couldn't put the
book down. Thanks for giving me the courage to be the Lord created to be, and not
like the world would like. I do apply the tips you gave.God bless you.

I don't know the words to thank you for sharing with us at Highland Park UMC yesterday.  The ladies would have stayed all night if they could.  I believe that many of them have started the process of forgiving those who have hurt them and healing from their pasts. 

I talked with Ken and we would love to have you come Tuesday, April 10, for our Celebrate Recovery Inside meeting at Love in Action.  We start with dinner at about 6:15 pm, then go to worship at 7:00 pm.  After the music - 7:15-ish - we have a speaker (hopefully YOU!).  At 7:50, or there abouts, we have an altar call.  The ladies earnestly believe that the men from work release, and others who attend, would benefit from hearing you.  So do I.

If you and Tim can come, I would be most grateful.  It is not often that someone with your skills at delivering God's message is available to us and the lambs we serve.  Thank you again for Sunday.  May God richly bless you and Tim.

In His Grace,
Emily Hinderiter


Dearest Radica,
God is getting ready to download An Anointing into your spirit for the Assignments and the days ahead.
It will be Like a fresh wind that is coming from the Throne of God. It is for the Greater Works, This is the year of Mir...acles, just you wait & see! That which would take months and years I will do in a split second! My hand is upon you daughter for Deliverance! I have called you even as I called Joseph of old. You will bring deliverance & My salvation to many! For I chose you & ordained you to be My deliver before the foundations of the earth. I set you apart and called you by name. I predestined your days and your comings and goings. Therefore I will no never leave you or forsake you. You have known my hand upon your life, but in the days ahead you will Know the weightiness of Your Fathers hand like never before! My hand will rest Heavier, and heavier in the coming days & years. For there are voices crying out for that which I have given you. I have heard their cry & I will not deny their cries any longer. So Arise! Go...and I will lead u step by step moment by moment. Into the fullness of My plan for you. You were far from a mistake. What took places I will work to save much people alive.


As i read your book, your first book, Holy Spirit put on my heart that as you share your testimony in Balkan region that's the one of the keys for revival of this countries. Radica you are key person and your coming to Daughter of the King Conference is of very importance for healing of unforgiveness and rejection. blessed daughter of the King we welcome you to your native country in Yeshua's name!
Vojka Mojsilovic

Thank you Tim and Radica, your book was riveting to me, I realize you went through some things that I went through and it makes my faith grow stronger in the word, my 11 year old made read it to him out loud.  In the last week God has reconnected me to my other two sons who I haven’t talked to in years and by the grace of God my oldest son wants to bring our granddaughter down to visit this summer.  I haven’t ever seen her.  My son I haven’t seen in 8 years.  I am praying that my daughter will reconnect with me too.  God has been good to me and I look back over my life and realize each time He was there. I still sometimes feel depression in my life I ask you to pray for me to get passed this and go deeper in the word. I have suffered this all my life and I am going to believe God will come through for me.  I will be praying for you two and I can not wait for your next book to come out.  I love you two and I thank God for putting such wonderful people in our lives.

As soon as I read your book I knew it would touch and change lives around the world. Congratulations on the success of your testimony. God uses the weak, lost, lonely, abused and empowers them through the Holy Spirit to do great and amazing things. You are living proof!
-Kathleen B-

Hello, I am the woman that met you the other day at the Family Christian Bookstore. I am writing to let you know that your book is riveting and I have yet to be able to put it down when I’m not working. I am almost through with it. I wanted to let you know that I am moved by your life story, and I look forward to staying in touch with you.


'WOW: last evening at Pathway the Girls and boys already read the book, and they were ready with questions. My Lord! how he has used the book to open thier hearts and minds to forgiveness and salvation thru Jesus.. so many hurting and they need at least 60 more books for distribution to troubled, abandoned, neglected teens. thank you lord for the open door."

"Sis Radica you book has inspired me so much. I know if God can do all that he has done for you. I know that he can and will do it for me. You are such and inspiritation. May God continue to bless you and keep you. I love you so much:)"
-L.T. from  Alabama-

"I’m super glad I got to meet two of the most FANTABULOUSindividuals on earth!    Out of over 6 billion people on the planet, God graced me to bump into you guys.

My son and I both agree that this has been the best Saturday ever!  We so appreciate the kindness and prayers you’ve graciously bestowed upon us.

I now know for sure that it was God ordained for me to walk into the Dove Christian Bookstore. Who would have ever imagined that a new, unknown author such as myself, would run into you guys here in small town Enterprise? I know God has a divine purpose for my return here.

I can’t wait to share this experience with my family, especially the Quackenbos History (where my grand ma’s home is). I also can’t wait to start reading your new book that so closely relates to my own background of molestation, alcoholic parents and the abandonment of my son’s dad.  Just reading the back cover alone practically had me in tears. I figured I’ll read it, eat popcorn and cry when I get in the house.  I know without a doubt that your book will do well and impact thousands.

Thanks for giving me your time and so many pointers on marketing and getting my book out there.  I so appreciate you guys abundant guidance and any help and/or future advice you all can give.  I will definitely friend you on Facebook as well.

Best wishes on the 700 club and thanks for making a heavy heart smile on this Saturday!"

"Radica, Just finished your book. It is an amazing testimony! thank you for sharing your story. It will touch many lives. May God continue blessing you and keep you forever in his hands. Love you!"
- C.H.-

"Thank you for giving me a copy of your book to read. You gave it to me Sunday and I have already finished it. It really blessed me and I feel is challenging me to do something for God.

I am giving it to Charlotte to read. She is an exchange student from Germany who is staying with my family this school year. She said she doesn't like to read, but I told her she would enjoy reading about your testimony. She is looking forward to reading it. I hope God will do something wonderful in her life.

I am the Manager at the Family Christian Store in Lakeland, FL. Thank you again for your book. I can't wait for the women at the Lighthouse Ministries to read it! "

"When I read of how the Lord took you back to Yugoslavia/Serbia my spirit was so rejoicing inside me. I have been telling others about how the Lord has transformed your life, encouraging them to belive that He will do the same for them."
-K. Nalley-

"I am really enjoying your new book. I am so thriled to have it. Thank you. We cannot wait to see you..."
-The Kaleys-

"My wife was reading the book last night. She was crying most of the time. She just loves you guys. We miss seeing you...I cannot continue to sit back and act life everything is OK. God will hold me accountable if I do not take a stand."
-D. Deal-

-C. Kaley-

AMEN AMEN AMEN STEVE . . . there has never been a book like it. . .i have given it to several. . . . i pray the whole Christian world will read it

WOW what a book!!!! In My Father's Hands. God's Grace. Radica's testimony By Radica Quackenbos. Thank you Radica for sharing your testimony about HIS love and Grace, my heart has been touched by the sharing of your life's story. It was a real blessing to have been able to visit with you and Tim this week end!
S. Wild-

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